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DJ's Upholstery is your top of the line shop. President James Nielsen is a third-generation upholsterer and grew up in an upholstery shop. Now James specializes in antique restoration and custom built furniture doing residential and commercial upholstery with 40 years experience.

DJ's Upholstery is now located at 405 Penn Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405. The building was once an old church and now has been remodeled into DJ's workroom. We like the new location, located in a quiet area. This is a prime area for what we're doing. We basically do everything. We do a lot of things people can't find. If you can draw it on paper we can make it. James rarely says no to a project. He loves to take on the unusual. One unique quality with DJ's is before your furniture is upholstered you come in and approve your piece for the comfort and style that you're looking for. DJ's Upholstery is specialized in custom made bay window sofas, built in home theaters, headboards and upholstered walls.

James speaks with pride when discussing the quality of the work that leaves his shop. DJ's offers a Life-time warranty on his workmanship. It's pretty rare we have problems, because we use the best products that we can buy. We simply give people the highest quality possible.

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Antique Restoration Restore Antique Furniture
Cleaned & restored antique tapestry. Restore & rebuild antique furniture.


Directions: Just two blocks north of Hwy 394 on Penn Ave.

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DJ's Upholstery
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